Propel premiers its first electric outboard

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Nov 15, 2021

Leading global engineering company, Saietta Group, today announced the launch of Propel, its state-of-the-art marine propulsion division that is dedicated to designing and developing a range of innovative electric motors to advance the electrification of the marine industry while supporting decarbonisation and delivering sustainable and clean mobility on waterways.

The S1 – a leader in outboard efficiency

Propel’s first outboard motor, the Propel S1, can generate 10kW continuous output from a 48V battery. When mated to the in-house developed propeller, it can generate 7.35kW of propulsive power, equalling a 25hp internal combustion engine (ICE) in terms of acceleration and top speed. 

Computational fluid dynamics software was used during development to design a bespoke four-blade propeller with optimal balance between size and motor performance, making the most of Saietta’s industry-leading AFT 140 motor and realizing an overall efficiency of up to 62%.

Propel S1 outboard
Propel S1 outboard motor

An advanced motor controller is integrated on top of the electric motor, sharing the cooling system and connected by bus bars. This integration significantly improves packaging and assembly, it reduces cost and simplifies the overall design. 

Propel is not only a company of technology and innovation, its ultimate goal is to design worry-free experiences. Technology must not only be robust — all electronics sit above the water line, so this might be the last motor you will ever need to buy — but also simple to operate, for everyone. 


Although the outboard has an English electric motor at its heart, 'Dutch Design' has played a significant role in the development of Propel’s first outboard motor. Dutch Design is a philosophy well known for innovation and its focus on sustainable products. Design is crucial for boat owners, and they haven’t been spoilt for choice when it comes to a standout design that will spark conversations.

Design is not all about aesthetics though, the S1 is designed for people. Propel’s UX team worked relentlessly on designing and testing user interfaces that work for all consumers, not only aspiring pilots.


The launch edition of the Propel S1 will be available in a satin silver and white finish with either a tiller, or a top mount controller and remote steering provision. Both the tiller and remote controller feature an integrated waterproof and sunlight readable display, an electronic key and a kill switch.

The S1 can be commissioned to be used with foreign batteries. Propel’s own marine grade lithium batteries (LFP) will become available early next year, coinciding with the first deliveries of the Propel S1. 

Availability & Markets

The Propel S1 outboard motors are currently undergoing extensive testing and certification. From Spring 2022, Propel will start shipping its first motors to customers in Europe on a first come, first served basis. The expected price of the Propel S1 is €5.900 (incl. VAT). Pre-ordering for Germany and the Benelux starts today via a €100 fully refundable deposit at More European markets will follow later in 2022.