Seven reasons to choose for electric boating

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May 01, 2022

Since electric cars and e-bikes are dominating the streets more and more, it is almost a shame that our beloved waterways and canals still seem to lack behind. Even though, there are several reasons why electric propulsion for leisure marine crafts might be the better choice.

It seems that emission-free boating is seeing an upward trend, and as Propel would like to contribute to keeping our waters clean and fun, there are even more reasons to switch to electric today. Here are some of our thoughts on why we think that choosing an electrical inboard or outboard solution — such as the Propel S1 outboard and Propel D1 inboard — is the best way forward.

The benefits of electric engines:

1. Taking care for the environment

As boat owners, we all love being on the water. Electric propulsion lowers the impact you will have while cruising the places you love the most. Zero emissions is a great start, but exhaust emissions are only a part of the problem. Fuel and oil spillages are reducing the quality of our surface water and in some areas close to our home, this is already causing issues. After all, this water could potentially be a source for drinking water.

We take great pride in designing products that limit the impact on our surroundings. We aim to always use materials that cause little harm and can be recycled. Moreover, repairability is a key part of our strategy to limit the use of resources. 

2. Enjoying blissful silence

Think about the reason you are rushing to your boat in the weekends. Is it escaping the busy streets to enjoy nature's finest while hearing the water splashing to the sides of your boat? Is it because you want to spend time with your family and friends, and have quality conversations? Now imagine having all of these moments without the rumble of a petrol or diesel engine. Try the Propel S1 outboard or Propel D1 inboard once, and you are sold. 

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3. Complying with upcoming regulations

Regulations for the better of our climate and communities are introduced around the world. If you need to invest in a propulsion system, choose wisely. With diesel, you might be forced out of emission-free zones for leisure marine. Electric, on the other hand, is a guarantee for decades of adventures on the water without a worry. 

A great example are the new regulations covering the Amsterdam canals in The Netherlands. As of 2025, all boats with internal combustions engines (ICEs) will be banned from the city centre. Germany, Austria, and Denmark have also marked lakes that are accessible only to fossil-free leisure crafts. And this is just to name a few. 

4. Making a stylish appearance

It’s needless to say that design plays an important role in leisure boating. When the company launched in 2021, we did not fully understand the design language of many outboard brands. Many of the customers we met, spent a great deal of time into personalizing their boats and sloops. Our designers use the pancake shape of the revolutionary Axial Flux Technology motors from our parent company Saietta to create an outboard design that truly stands out, and matches well with both modern and classic boats.

5. Owning the latest green technology

Are you a tech-geek? Early adopter? See the importance of reducing emissions? You may already have solar panels, an e-bike or e-scooter, and maybe even an electric car. The time is ticking by, so don’t wait and add a Propel e-motor to your list of green alternatives. Did you know that a 5hp petrol outboard can emit as much as up to 37 cars driving at 95 km/h?

6. It makes boating as simple as it should be

Boating is a fun day activity for everyone, so at Propel we like to keep things simple. Simply start your day on the water with the flick of a switch. Finally, no more choking, no more pull starts, no more carrying around with fuel tanks. 

A handy display that tells you everything you need to know, so you can spend a day on the water without a worry.  

7. Saving money

Petrol engines typically have an efficiency of about 30%. That means that 70% of your fuel is wasted on generating unwanted heat. Electric propulsion systems are often the most efficient ones of the industry, with an efficiency of around 90%. In other words; better for the environment and better for your wallet. Being simple by nature, there are less moving parts involved, makes them also require less maintenance. Eventually, the usage of an electric engine results in saving money.

Switch to electric boating easily

Switching to electric propulsion may sound daunting, but we are here to help. We have designed our systems in such a way that the transition is as easy as it gets. Getting started, or looking for support after your purchase? Find the answers in our knowledge base or get in touch.

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