Plug, play & cruise

Continuous power


horsepower equivalent


Torque (Peak)


Our inboard crate motor for boats up to 10 metres. For a motor you can’t actually see, it’s going to turn a lot of heads.

Starting at: €6.700,00

Build to last and last and last

We have made things simple for you. We created a maintenance free and robust inboard motor to give you peace of mind. This might just be the last motor you’ll ever buy.

The strong & silent type

The highly efficient Saietta axial flux motor is at the heart of every Propel product. Going further on a charge, you get to spend more time on the water, in blissful silence.

Inner strength

In boating, the name of the game is torque. Standard motors cannot generate a lot of it. Our large-diameter Saietta Axial Flux motor can, making it much more efficient and quieter than its traditional counterparts.



Saietta Axial Flux Permanent Magnet AC brushless motor


10 kW continuous power

hp equivalent

25 hp


Direct drive with high torque

Torque nominal

60 Nm

Torque Peak

105 Nm


Low voltage — 48 V


Closed loop glycol-cooled for enduring continuous performance.


Automotive quality controller, with vector current control


Low voltage — 48 V


High peak efficiency and broad efficiency map


Closed loop glycol-cooled for enduring continuous performance.


CAN bus (display, throttle & BMS)


Pre-configured for Propel / ELEO lithium batteries. Can be commissioned for other BMSs and lead-acid systems.


First edition — Advanced 5" WVGA capacitive touchscreen (IP66), sunlight readable

Display Mounting frame

Stainless steel mounting frame with key, charge led and warning buzzer.

Throttle control

First edition — Stainless-steel side mount throttle control lever. Hall sensor, CAN-bus connected, left & right position, software configurable.

Design philosophy

'Crate motor' with various cooling options, motor controller and 12 V DC-out al housed in the chassis.


Compact and quick to install / refit


Adjustable mounts with silencers

Frame & Cover Material

Stainless steel

System cooling

Temperature controlled, closed loop glycol-cooling circuit for enduring continuous performance. External cooling through raw water + heat exchanger. Keel cooling optional.

Max dimensions (incl mounts) (W x L X H)

560 x 420 x 332 mm


Approx 45 Kg

"Our purpose is simple - to help drive the world further towards a more sustainable future"

Everything’s under control

The D1 motor is operated remotely, giving you full control from the comfort of your captain’s seat.

Tiller screen display

Pick your battery

You can pick from three batteries for your motor, or you can make your own by stacking our 1.7 kWh packs—you can choose how many to have on each side, which might make placing them easier.

Hull speed — 

11.5 km/h @ 8 kW

Cruise speed — 

8 km/h @ 2 kW

Low speed — 

6 km/h @ 1 kW

6.8 kWh

This compact 6.8 kWh lithium battery is great for light use.

Hull speed —

11.5 km/h @ 8 kW

48m / 8 km

Cruise speed —

8 km/h @ 2 kW

3h15 / 25 km

Low speed —

6 km/h @ 1 kW

6h30 / 38 km

10.2 kWh

The 10.2 kWh lithium battery gives plenty of range and is our most sold model.

Hull speed —

11.5 km/h @ 8 kW

1h15 / 14 km

Cruise speed —

8 km/h @ 2 kW

5h / 40 km

Low speed —

6 km/h @ 1 kW

10h / 60 km

13.6 kWh

Need extra range? Our 13.6 kWh battery will give you plenty to boat all day.

Hull speed —

11.5 km/h @ 8 kW

1h50 / 21 km

Cruise speed —

8 km/h @ 2 kW

7h30 / 60 km

Low speed —

6 km/h @ 1 kW

15h / 90 km

These realistic numbers are based on the Duurzame Sloepen DS680 sloop, a large and luxurious sloop measuring 6.80 m by 2.50 m and with a displacement hull. Cruise speed equals 70% of the hull speed. The numbers above are based on a 100% discharge but Propel advises discharging to 20% in normal operations. Please contact our product specialists for more performance sheets.

Try for yourself

We could go on and on about the Propel experience. But rather than taking our word for it, why not take one for a spin or visit one of our stores instead.