Propel introduces inboard crate-solution

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Nov 15, 2021

Leading global engineering company, Saietta Group, today announced the launch of Propel, its state-of-the-art marine propulsion division that is dedicated to designing and developing a range of innovative electric motors to advance the electrification of the marine industry while supporting decarbonisation and delivering sustainable and clean mobility on waterways.

The D1 – a ready-made diesel engine replacement

Propel’s second new and high-tech product announced today, the Propel D1, is an inboard series of electric crate motors designed specifically to replace ageing diesel engines and enable the transition to marine electrification hassle-free. The D1 inboards are small but have everything built in, with no external controllers or pumps. Propel engineers made it their mission to make the transition to electric as easy as possible; simply take an old diesel out, install the motor on the same foundation, connect drive-shaft, water and battery, and you are ready to go.

The D1 incorporates Saietta-engineered Axial Flux Technology. The unique AFT motors provide class-leading performance with high torque density at low voltage. The result is an advanced propulsion solution that emits nothing but a soft, low hum, going further on a single charge and resulting in more time on the water. 

Propel D1

Crate solution

The motors and controllers are cooled using a closed-loop arrangement, crucially meaning a virtually maintenance-free experience for customers and higher sustained performance for a longer period. The D1 range uses only low voltage motors, making it easier to source the best batteries and ensuring they are safe to install and operate on existing applications. All D1 inboard motors also ship with a high-quality sunlight readable 5” display and a side mount throttle lever, as well as a DC-DC converter to power onboard 12V devices. 

Availability & Markets

First deliveries of the D1 will start early spring 2022 and pre-ordering for Germany and the Benelux starts today at The base price of the motor without battery is €6.700 (incl. VAT) and launch kits with marine Lithium (LFP) batteries will be available for order. More European markets will follow later in 2022.


From a 48V battery the D1 can generate 10kW continuous output with a torque of 60 Nm, (105 Nm peak), equalling a 20hp internal combustion engine (ICE). The motor has a maximum propeller speed of 1440 RPM.

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